Every time shit like this happens, it’s simply life telling me to stop wasting my time and to focus on the things that matter.

You fooled me once, shame on you, fooled me twice, shame on me. 

Worry not, it won’t happen a third time, I’m setting my sights on something no one can take away from me. Setting that sight onto my one and only goal: 


C A R E E R.

Cheers for the fun,

hope you find true love out there ;)


I’m really horny for you.

just saying.

(Oh, and i just lost a LoL game cause of some LB & Shaco noob)


tipsy, downloading FFXIV trial & playing LoL.

so much win.

TBT (Truth Be Told)

I truly love classical music. And opera. 

Thanks to Final Fantasy, that is. Liberi Fatali is where it’s at.


the only source for life’s most fabulous moments - you need to follow it.

POST #14


I know your dirty little secret, and you’re dying for me to keep it - watch your mouth, every syllable you express could dig your grave faster than you’d think.



They say second chances come from good hearts, but when you turn it ambiguous, you could easily fall on your ass… Careful, boy, you don’t wanna play a game with its maker.



They always said to be careful with what you do, I’ve heard playing with fire after burning yourself is begging for more; especially when you’ve got oil on your hands.


1. "GRILLED GENIUS BRAINS MAKE MAGIC", vector image, 1080 px * 1920 px, 2013

2. "The Elven Queen", vector image, 1080 px * 1920 px, 2013

3. "SPIKEH", vector image, 1080 px * 1920 px, 2013

4. "SHE’S WORTH DOLLABILLZ", vector image, 1920 px * 1080 px, 2013

5. "THE DARK ONES", vector image, 1920 px * 1080 px, 2013

6. "SHE’S A COLD B****", vector image, 1920 px * 1080 px, 2013

7. "SHE’S SO HIP, IT’S FURTHERMORE", vector image, 1920 px * 1080 px, 2013


JVRM ARTIST  <—— until I get my website up and running, go like it little babies :)

They say you should watch where you step when you’re in the dark; they say the same when you find yourself blinded by light.

You might think you know where you’re going, but the surroundings make it difficult to clearly see the path you’re actually taking. 


Are we actually seeing things the same way? Some might say it’s a question of perspective.