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Québec students a.t.m.

Since in Québec students have been on strike for 13 weeks, I have not been attending classes for 13 weeks. We are striking about a hike in tuition fees. The government wants to increase tuition fees by 75% (which consists in a 325$ hike every year, for 5 years). Though recently, the hike would be 82% over 7 years (approx. 225$ per year). But, after the 5th year, tuition fees would be indexed, therefore costing even more. Most of us believe that this hike will prevent certain students from reaching superior education, like college and university. It was suggested that at least 7000 students wouldn’t be able to do so. Furthermore, we believe that education is the key to a better salary, better solutions, better debates, a better society. 

My fellow students have been pepper-sprayed, hit, gassed, shot at (before with rubber but now with plastic bullets). Our government is oppressive, he’s intimidating us, trying to divide us, trying to win a fight that we have every argument on our side.

visit to support us, we need support from around the world. We may be different in race, culture, gender, social class, whatever… we’re still all human.

Merci à l’avance, spread the word!

Au plaisir, xx


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